Monday, February 4, 2013


 IT WORKS GLOBAL "BOOM" is spreading through social media like wild fire!

At FREEDOM Conference 2013, our CEO Mark Pentecost spoke with pure passion and excitement. This man was fired up!!!!

When the world said you can’t hold a conference that will change lives, grow businesses, and leave people inspired to go make a difference, It Works! said BOOM!  

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CEO Mark Pentecost left FREEDOM with a mission for you: "Procrastination does not equal the destination. Do not lose your focus. No more excuses! This is your mission for 2013!" We dare you to say "BOOM!" It's time for an It Works! BOOM!

I got to experience the "BOOM" first hand. The excitement and energy was electrifying within a room of 6 thousand It Works leaders. Just to know that I am a part of this unforgettable event fills my heart with love and makes me believe I CAN DO THIS....and so can you!

We are 1 of the top Leading MLM Companies that offers 'ALL NATURAL" health and wellness products. This Company is totally debt free. Our It Works products speak for themselves. We don't need to sell, pressure and try to persuade anyone. I say just try "THE CRAZY WRAP THING or also know as "The Ultimate Applicator".

I found It Works in May of 2009, I'm so blessed and honoured to have landed upon something that I have a passion to do. I personally love everything about this Company. The Corporate team, the products, the commissions and the people I have met, truly have transformed my life. Knowing that I am personally changing lives makes every second worth it. I feel so connected to the entire It Works team at all levels. They truly make you feel like family, recognize you for a job well done and always cheering you on. Each year, the incentives get better and better and they strive for each and everyone of us to achieve everything they have to offer.

For 32 years I worked in the Corporate World feeling like a number, caught in cross fire from all levels and literally no recognition. Feeling very dissatisfied for many years, but afraid to risk leaving because I needed the income. After my 2008 yearly review, I was told I needed to play the the game if I wanted to continue on the management team. I was in total shock that they were asking me to give up my integrity, my values and who I was as a person. My last day on the job was Jan 6 2009, and I left after 32 years of being loyal and dedicated to this Company. I knew I was making the right decision because there was something bigger and better for me to do. On my final day and days after there we no well wishes, thank you or even a card. I left feeling like I didn't matter!  I actually threw my own party at home and celebrated with family and friends. I have not looked back!!! I'm sure many of you can relate and may be afraid to take the leap.

It Works can change your life! FUN! FREEDOM! FRIENDSHIPS! Start you home base business for $99, or use our products as an add on service to your current offerings.

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Dont miss this opportunity! BOOM!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

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